Wednesday, November 6, 2019



Spiritual alchemy hasn’t shown its face to me in any exotic form or a tangible way. It has, however, serenaded my soul in the most ordinary places and times that created a bigger sense of awe in my life.

It is found in silence, the cataclysmic silence after too much noise. It’s the gift of simplicity uncovered in the quiet times - especially after a storm-of-emotion revealing a rawness (a kind of vulnerability that ushered in diffidence.) And every time I reach this plateau, another little piece of the inner wisdom and memory is uncovered.

We don’t need rites, ceremony, bells, incense, mantras loud voices or any other voices to connect us to Source. It is all there, inside, and we can touch it at will. Sometimes we just have to take a closer look.

Revelations: it is the exposure of inner secrets - it’s personal gleaning betterment inside out.

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